A complete assessment of your presentation style using the Viewing Assessment® during an actual event and a comprehensive report including Suggestions for Improvement.


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Coaching is available for executives, sales teams, managers, or anyone who wants to be truly effective in interactions with others. This can be One-on-one, Group or "Last minute - OMG - I need help NOW!" No program is exactly the same – once your needs are determined, the approach is designed to fit your goals.


In these brief and informative sessions, learn the tips and techniques that you can use straightaway to improve your communication relationships.

Lunch & Learn

Theatre of Leadership®, Theatre of Sales® and Theatre of Customer Service®

All workshops are based on The Powerful Performance Process ® a unique proprietary four-step process that improves personal communications. These workshops can be customized to your particular needs and provide immediately applicable techniques including message assessment and delivery skills improvement. Some examples are:


"All the workplace is a stage. Every player must know his or her role,

and be passionately involved in the outcome of the performance of the organization.”    Linda Sherwin

Are you worthy of a standing ovation?
You can be!

All the Workplace is a Stage: Powerful Communications for Success
Realize your “signature communication style” is meaningfully unique and is the ultimate secret to improving personal performance and achieving outstanding results.

Customized presentations based on improved communications can be created to fit your needs in the areas of Leadership, Negotiations, Networking, Customer Excellence and others.


Linda Sherwin

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