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Amazon #1 Best Seller

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Body Language, Pronounciation and Voice

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Get the book today!

Includes the

​Workplace Workbook!

It's your turn to be a star!


Award-winning!!  Amazing reviews! Sold out!  People want more! Everyone referring all their friends and family! 

Sounds like great news for a theatrical production. However, the same comments could apply to a business - to your business.

With today’s high competition in all industries, decreased productivity and performance along with the exit of key employees can be critical for a company’s success or even its continued existence.  Remember you’re not the only show in town! 

​Recent surveys have shown that the 61% of employees do not believe what their leaders are saying.  The importance of communication in the workplace is more vital than ever before.  And communication is 360 degrees!  How you speak to your people, your peers, your suppliers and your customers will have a direct effect on the success of your business.

​Using four simple steps, clients can learn how to tap into their their own personal effectiveness and individual strengths to be the best!

Me? A star?

I know what you're saying. “But I am a business person; I’m not a performer.
​How can this work for me?”

And I say you are a performer – a star – in your business. Whether you own the business, or are in a leadership role or in a support position, your performance will have a direct effect on the overall success." 

Excerpt from

Amazon #1 Best Seller

All the Workplace is a Stage:

Acting Techniques to Create Award-Winning

Business Performance